This coordinated men’s aso-ake (hand woven in West Africa) wedding suit has gown (agbada), daishiki (shirt), trousers and hat with embroidery. The sankofa symbol is embroidered on the front and back of the agbada. Embroidery is also stitched onto the dashiki, trousers and hat. Aso-ake is worn for ceremonial occasions such as weddings and naming ceremonies throughout south west Nigeria. Aso-ake has shiny metallic lurex and brightly colored rayon threads. In the U.S., wedding attire made of Aso-ake are prestigious, rare, and usually more expensive than outfits made from other African fabric. Custom made. All sales final. Order now for your wedding!


Special Instructions: Please allow 8 weeks for regular delivery within the U.S.A. Kindly provide measurements with order including Around Chest, Length (from shoulder to floor), Shoulder to Shoulder (Back), Sleeve Length (from tip of shoulder to wrist), Shirt Length (from top of shoulder over chest to hip), Around upper arm, Shoulder to waist, Shoulder to hip, Length of Agbada, Trousers Length, Waist, Hip, Inseam, and Around Head with order


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  • RETURN & REFUND POLICY FOR CUSTOM MADE Custom-made products are non-refundable and non-exchangeable. A custom order is made to measurements provided by customer. All sales are final. The customer is responsible for providing accurate measurements.


    SHIPPING INFO Please allow adequate time for delivery after order date and receipt of measurements for custom made items. The customer is responsible for custom duties or fees for shipment outside the USA.

  • Measurement Questionnaire for men Please provide your measurements in inches.

    1. Size ?

    2. Height ? (Required - From top of head to floor without shoes. For example: 5 feet, 5 inches.)

    3. Full length ? (From top of shoulder to floor without shoes.)

    4. Collar ? (Measure around your neck. Keep the tape measure loose for comfort)

    5. Chest ? (Around the fullest part of your chest)

    6. Full Shoulder / Back ? (Measure from tip of Shoulder to tip of other shoulder. Measure from the back.) 7. Top of shoulder to waist? (From top of shoulder over chest to waist or belly button)

    8. Shoulder to Hip? (From top of shoulder over chest to hip)

    9. Waist? (Around your waist)

    10. Around fullest part of hip ?

    11. Inseam? (Inner thigh to desired end of trousers)

    12. Length of trousers? (Waist to ankle or desired end of trousers - for trousers only).

    13. Shirt Length? (Top of shoulder to below hip or desired end point of shirt - For Shirt Only)

    14. Sleeve Length? (For outfit with sleeve - From tip of shoulder (where shoulder meets arm) to desired end of sleeve)

    15. Around upper arm? (For outfit with sleeve - Measure around the fullest part of your upper arm - above the elbow and below the shoulder. )

    16. Length of Agbada (For agbada or man’s gown only – Shoulder to desired end of agbada)

    17. Around head? (For hat only)

    18. Are these your exact measurements? (Required)

    19. If not exact, please explain how many inches you added to your Chest, Waist and/or Hip measurements?